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This glossary contains common mental health terminology. It is a great jumping-off point to learn more about terms you may hear when engaging in conversation about mental health. In Judaism, we read the same weekly parshiot (portions) from the Torah in the same order each year. While we may be familiar with the parsha (portion) of the week, we reread it to refresh ourselves with the story and glean something new as we approach it with fresh eyes and an open heart. In a similar vein, you may be familiar with many of the terms in this glossary. We encourage you to continue to learn and explore mental health terminology, so you can make connections to mental health in a way that supports where you are on your journey.
Natal - NATAL - Israel Trauma and Resiliency Center (established: 1998, Tel Aviv) is a non-profit organization founded by Yossi Hadar and Judith Yovel Recanati. NATAL specializes in the field of war-and-terror-related trauma, PTSD and resiliency-building among civil society. NATAL was the first center in Israel to standardize and create protocols for coping with trauma and resilience-building in a social general society context.