About Anchors

This program will provide a unique in-person/virtual experience for young children (ages 8-12) and a key anchor (parent, guardian, or other) in their lives, comprising hands-on personal and emotional experiential learning, understanding and de-stressing. The goal is to create a space where children can begin to understand the idea of stress from a young age and learn how to cope with it through open communication with both friends and the main anchor adult in their lives.

The ANCHORS program is designed for the unique needs of youth and adults. Those who go through this program will have opportunities to engage in deep, intimate, tough conversations with their peers as well as the anchor Individual they came with. This will allow them to gain a better understanding of themselves, their peers and their communities.

The conversations will focus on the social and emotional well-being — both physical and spiritual — of the children and adults s in attendance. We will touch on Judaism’s connection to these topics but also break the ideas down in a way everyone can understand easily.


Participants will be able to:

  • Explain the difference between stress and anxiety, and talk about how they experience and cope with stress.
  • Engage in open communication with friends and with their anchor partner.
  • Identify a specific person they feel comfortable turning to when they need support in dealing with stress.
  • Identify the kinds of friends they have and describe how types of friendships can change during our lifetimes.
  • Name the qualities they need in a friend and the qualities they bring to a friendship.
  • Describe the characteristics of what goes into being a “mensch” (Jewish term for an honorable, good person).
  • List their character strengths as well as those of their partner, and explain how they each use these strengths.
Made possible with a grant from The Jewish Education Project®