Jewish Approaches to Mental Wellness: An Exploration of Jewish Values and Prayer

Throughout our lives, we are all in need of refuah shleimah, whether it is physical, mental, emotional, social, or spiritual healing. Those struggling with mental health and addiction are in need of healing and wholeness. During the Jewish Approaches to Mental Wellness Workshop, participants will be guided through activities that explore the ways middot (Jewish values) and prayer connect to mental health. Participants will take a deeper look into the Mi Sheberach, a traditional prayer for healing, and write unique Mi Sheberach prayers for mental health.
  • One-hour workshop
  • Recommended for groups where individuals know each other already, up to 30 individuals
  • Interactive workshop
  • Workshops can be facilitated virtually or in person*
    • *If facilitated virtually, participants will need the ability to access Zoom and use Google Docs during the workshop. It is recommended that participants be able to be in a place where they can both speak on camera and type in the Google doc to fully participate.
  • $300 for virtual workshop, additional cost for in-person facilitation
  • Insight into the connection between Judaism and mental health.
  • An understanding of the Blue Dove Foundation’s eight middot (Jewish values), the Mi Sheberach prayer and its relationship to mental health and addiction.
  • Unique Mi Sheberach for mental health and addiction written by participants

The key middah (Jewish value) of this workshop is Refuah Shleimah – Healing and wholeness. Healing is more than physical, it is holistic. It has physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual components that are interconnected.

Quote from Workshop Organizer.


If you’re interested in bringing this workshop to your community, please reach out to us at info@thebluedovefoundation.org.

Image of stickynotes describing the workshop progress.
Graph showcasing which mental health middah sticks out the most.
Prayer for those suffering from burnout.
Mi sheberach for increased anxiety due to the pandeming.

Mi Sheberach for Mental Health: Cultivating Mental Wellness with the Jewish Prayer for Healing

Jewish prayer allows us to be creative in adapting and interpreting text in ways that are meaningful.