The Blue Dove Foundation was created to help address the issues of Mental Health and/or Substance Abuse in the Jewish community.  We are starting in Atlanta and expanding across the United States and Canada in 2019.

The topic of mental health and substance abuse is one that is often not discussed in the Jewish community.  Many individuals and their families are suffering privately and lack the information necessary to address their struggles.  The Blue Dove Foundation is working towards advancing these conversations, eradicating the stigma and shame, educating the Jewish community as well as helping to overcome the financial barriers of seeking treatment.


Our mission includes three parts:

  1. Education, awareness, and outreach within the Jewish community. (our goal is to advance the conversation, eliminate the stigma and shame, encourage conversations, and provide information and tools for individuals and families seeking assistance);
  2. Benevolent assistance (scholarships or interest free loans) for treatment for those who cannot afford;
  3. Prototype programs in the community to address issues related to mental health and/or substance abuse. (e.g. development of  “Jewish” mental health toolkit for synagogues, schools, camps and youth groups; placing mental health experts in schools and camps, etc.)