The Blue Dove Foundation was created to help address the issues of mental health and/or substance abuse in the Jewish community. We are starting in Atlanta with plans to expand quickly across the United States and Canada.

The Jewish community is not immune to the issues the rest of the country is struggling with when it comes to mental health and substance abuse, although it often is not discussed. Many individuals and their families suffer privately and lack the information necessary to address their struggles.

We accomplish our work through program, promotional and support partnerships. The Foundation acknowledges the importance of partnerships in solving this community problem and values both our existing relationships and future partners whose missions align with ours.


The Blue Dove Foundation’s mission is to educate, equip and ignite our Jewish community with tools to understand, support and overcome the challenges presented by mental health and substance abuse. As a community and through Tikkun Olam, we will improve and save lives while eradicating the shame and stigma surrounding mental health and substance abuse in our global Jewish Community.


  1. Education, awareness and outreach – Encourage conversations and provide information and tools for individuals and families seeking assistance.
  2. Financial assistance for treatment – Hardship scholarships and/or interest-free loans.
  3. Scalable programs – Develop, design and launch easily replicated programs for schools, synagogues, community centers, camps, institutions and affinity groups. Program Examples: speaker series, mental health Shabbat dinners, community trainings utilizing The Blue Dove Foundation mental health & substance abuse toolkit, and more.