Hakarat Hatov: Judaism, Gratitude, and You

In Judaism, the middah (Jewish value) of hakarat hatov is used to emphasize the importance of recognizing the amazing things God has blessed us with in our lives. Not only is hakarat hatov about gratitude, it is also about our attitude toward the world around us. In this workshop, participants will explore gratitude and its connection to Judaism, and will get the opportunity to engage in gratitude practices that they can use at home after the workshop.

Testimonial for Workshop
  • One-hour workshop
  • Recommended for groups where individuals know each other already, up to 30 individuals
  • Interactive workshop
  • Workshops can be facilitated virtually or in person*
    • *If facilitated virtually, participants will need the ability to access Zoom and use Google Docs during the workshop. It is recommended that participants be able to be in a place where they can both speak on camera and type in the Google doc to fully participate.
  • $300 for virtual workshop, additional cost for in-person facilitation
  • A definition of gratitude that resonates with them
  • An understanding of gratitude as a science
  • An understanding of how gratitude is recognized in Judaism
  • Tangible practices you can try at home 

The key middah (Jewish value) of this workshop is Chesed u’Gevurah – Balancing Loving Kindness and Discernment. Too often we approach situations with the intention of needing to “fix” something. When it comes to mental wellness, it is important to come from a place of listening and openness. Practicing gratitude allows us to balance the ability to create boundaries while appreciating what is around us.


If you’re interested in bringing these workshops to your community, please reach out to us at info@thebluedovefoundation.org.