The 13 Bridges Podcast: Tune into Episode 49 of The Bridging Connections Podcast showcasing the innovative work of Blue Dove Foundation providing education, awareness, and outreach surrounding mental health and substance abuse.

College Commons Podcast – Mental Health in the Jewish Community – Interview with Blue Dove Foundation Founders and Executive Director

The College Commons Podcast is hosted by Josh Halo PH.D., Associate Professor of Jewish History and Dean of the Hebrew Union College Jewish Institute of Religion in Los Angeles. The podcast shares passionate perspectives from Judaism’s leading thinkers.

Jews You Should Know Podcast with Rabbi Ari Koretzky – Interview with the Blue Dove Foundation Executive Director, Gabby Spatt

Jews You Should Know introduces the broader community to interesting and inspiring Jewish men and women making a difference in our world. Some are already famous, some not yet so. But each is a Jew You Should Know.

Coffee and Conversations with hosted by Your Rocktioneer – Interview with the Blue Dove Foundation Executive Director

Coffee Connections are conversations with nonprofit innovators in the Atlanta area to share their missions and chat about their current successes and challenges.

Jewish today pod. – Episode 6: Mental Health & Judaism with The Blue Dove Foundation Executive Director, Gabby Spatt

Spatt discusses the intersectionality of Judaism and mental health, how Shabbat can be used as a means to take care of ourselves, and reads an excerpt from The Blue Dove Foundation’s newest book release, “Quieting the Silence,” available on Amazon as a paperback and e-reader edition.

The Big Schmear Podcast hosted by Beth Schenker – Interview with the Blue Dove Foundation Executive Director, Gabby Leon Spatt

An interview during COVID-19 stay-in-place orders talking about Mental Health Awareness Month. In the episode, Gabby and Beth and talk about the importance of sharing a Shabbat meal and the opportunity it provides to check-in with loved ones.

Growth Exponential Podcast – Interview with the Blue Dove Foundation Executive Director, Gabby Leon Spatt

This podcast tells the stories of non-profit leaders, consultants, and philanthropists and sharing their organization’s mission with the world to help them grow.

Media Highlights

  • One-hour workshop
  • Recommended for groups where individuals know each other already, up to 30 individuals
  • Interactive workshop
  • Workshops can be facilitated virtually or in person*
    • *If facilitated virtually, participants will need the ability to access Zoom and use Google Docs during the workshop. It is recommended that participants be able to be in a place where they can both speak on camera and type in the Google doc to fully participate.
  • $300 for virtual workshop, additional cost for in-person facilitation
  • Insight into the connection between Judaism and mental health.
  • An understanding of the Blue Dove Foundation’s eight middot (Jewish values), the Mi Sheberach prayer and its relationship to mental health and addiction.
  • Unique Mi Sheberach for mental health and addiction written by participants

The key middah (Jewish value) of this workshop is Refuah Shleimah – Healing and wholeness. Healing is more than physical, it is holistic. It has physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual components that are interconnected.

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