Jewish Mental Wellness Workshops

Jewish Mental Wellness Workshops

Hope is one of the greatest resources we have to change the culture of silence and stigma around mental health issues in the Jewish community. The Blue Dove Foundation wants to inspire people to be educated, courageous, and confident in offering hope and support to those who struggle with their mental well-being and addiction. These workshops are offered as a two-part series, either virtually or in person.

Guiding Question: What can be done to create a welcoming and stigma-free culture to support mental wellness in the Jewish community?

During this workshop, participants will engage in a variety of activities that focus on bringing mental wellness front and center into their Jewish communities. 

They will use middot (Jewish values) and the mi sheberach prayer to connect Judaism to mental health as well as to critically consider how to bring new-found skills and knowledge back to their communities to begin creating welcoming and inclusive programs.

Guiding Question: How do I know when something is wrong, and what should I do?
During this workshop, participants will engage in a variety of activities that strengthen their mental health knowledge, which will help them understand their role in supporting others. 

They will learn about basic mental health concepts, the scope of those affected by mental illness, and red flags for spotting issues. They will develop four core skills needed to respond to mental health concerns in meaningful ways and be given the opportunity to practice and build those skills.

Jewish Mental Wellness Toolkit

This toolkit is a response to continuous requests for help in the area of mental health. As a practical guide for everyday use, it offers guidance and support for transforming our culture along with practical and concrete information about mental health and wellness. Created through a Jewish lens, this Toolkit is full of resources, facts, and suggested readings. We hope it will empower us to turn hope into action.


If you’re interested in bringing these workshops to your community, please reach out to us at info@thebluedovefoundation.org.


The Blue Dove Foundation expresses our utmost gratitude to the individuals and organizations that played a role in bringing this Jewish Mental Wellness Toolkit and the accompanying workshops to life. They truly exemplify the meaning of #QuietingTheSilence and the importance of working to eliminate the shame and stigma associated with mental illness and addiction.

Special thanks to the following community partners for providing insight, expertise, heart, and, above all, support.