Resource Category: Tu B'av

Jewish tradition speaks about the deep love that can come from the greatest loss. This loss can be anything from the death of a family member to the end of a relationship, and while it is important that we observe and feel that pain, it is also important that we do the work of understanding ourselves and why that loss so deeply hurt us. Now, as we transition from Tisha B’av to Tu B’av, from loss to love, it is crucial that we reflect on the loss we feel inside to really understand what love we are missing in our lives.

On Tu B’av, we have a heightened awareness of love, and the day’s connection with Yom Kippur reminds us we need to love ourselves as well — and we are worthy of love. These two middot (or Jewish values) —B’tzelem Elohim and Refuah Shleima — can guide us as we journey toward self-love to live healthier, more fulfilling lives.