We are always looking for like-minded organizations to partner with to amplify our message and create meaningful resources or programs together.

What does being a partner mean?

  • Amplifying our mission and work through participating and sharing (via email, social media, newsletters, etc.) our different programs and events with your members/congregants/community
  • Connecting us with individuals interested in our work
  • Co-creating programs and events with us
  • Sharing other great ideas you have

If you’re ready to join us as a partner, please complete the form at the bottom of the page.


The Good People Fund horizontal logo thegoodpeoplefund.org // @TheGoodPeopleFund on Facebook // GoodPeopleFund on YouTube and Twitter

katesclub.org  // @KatesClubInc on Facebook // @katesclub on Instagram




inclusioninnovations.com // @InclusionInnova on Facebook







bnaitorah.org // @BnaiTorahAtlanta on Facebook



jamiuk.org // @JAMIMentalHealth on Facebook and @headroomcafe on Instagram



onetable.org // @onetable on Instagram and Facebook




atthewellproject.org // @atthewell on Instagram and Facebook




sandysprings.macaronikid.com // Facebook // Instagram // Twitter // Pinterest // YouTube



@iwassupposedtohaveababy (Instagram and Facebook)




svivah.org // #svivah // @WeAresvivah (Facebook and Instagram)


    thebreman.org // #BremanMuseum // #TheBreman // @TheBreman (Facebook and Twitter)

    jewishcamp.org // #jewishcamp // @foundationforjewishcamp (Facebook) // @jewishcamp (Instagram and Snapchat)

    jfcsatl.org // @ jfcsatl (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter)


righteouscrowd.org // @righteouscrowd (Facebook)






mishkanchicago.org // @MishkanChicago (Facebook and Twitter)


 congregationbethaverim.org // @cbhatl (Facebook and Twitter)


bermancenteratl.com // @thebermancenter (Facebook)


jumpsparkatl.org // @jumpsparkatl (Facebook and Instagram)


jewishatlanta.org // @jewishatl (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) // @atl_birthright_israel // @nextgen_atl


Ready to sign on as a partner?  We’d love to hear from you and any partnerships thoughts/ideas/programs you have.

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