For the longest time, nobody in the Jewish community wanted to talk about the issues of substance abuse and mental health. A sense of shame and denial persisted when it came to addiction, depression and other personal struggles. And while people have begun to open up and start conversations, a stigma remains when it comes to talking about it. Too many of those who are affected — whether personally or through a loved one — live in denial or are simply too ashamed to seek help.

Our goal is to eliminate the stigma — and quiet the silence — surrounding substance abuse and mental health and to encourage people to ask for help when they need it.

What is #QuietingTheSilence?

#QuietingTheSilence is a platform developed by The Blue Dove Foundation for organizations to use to create programs and events focusing on mental health and substance abuse. It offers a chance for members of the community to come together to share stories and perspectives related to their personal journeys around mental health and substance abuse. We have found that hearing personal stories of struggles and loss directly from those experiencing them rather than from professionals recounting them makes a stronger impact and helps foster new perspectives, personal connections, ideas, and hope.

The short stories come from individuals with a Jewish background who have gone through a life-changing experience, either themselves or through a close family member or friend connected to mental health and/or substance abuse. By sharing personal stories, we hope to show individuals they are not alone and to begin to eliminate the shame and stigma many feel when it comes to mental health.

Event Materials

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  • COMING SOON – Program-In-A-Box Toolkit- Use this file to walk through all the details about setting a #QuietingTheSilance event.  The Toolkit includes information regarding social media/marketing, suggested speakers, sample run of show, sample welcome text and more.
  • Event Flyer Template – Use this PowerPoint template to customize an event flyer for your event.  You’ll be able to add your organization’s logo, event details, and partner logos.

Event Marketing

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