Resource Type: Stories of Hope

When it comes to mental health, we each have a story. It might be about ourself, or it might be about someone close — a family member, a friend, a neighbor. How do we navigate those stories and share them with others?

Stories can help people get through some of life’s most difficult challenges. Therapeutic for those telling the story, potentially life changing for those listening. Stories show people who are struggling they are not alone. But telling them can be difficult. That’s where the Blue Dove Foundation comes in. We help people use their stories to support their own mental health and others.’ Share Your Own Story

By Rabbi Sandra Cohen | Forgiving myself is always the hardest part. Inside, I feel I failed. But, if I step back, or I step up on the balcony to see the pattern my life has taken, it is hard to realistically to believe I botched my life. Instead, I want to proclaim the wonders of my college years, the things I learned and the faith I discovered. All of these helped to get me to where I am now, with a life full of blessings.
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