Transforming the Way The Jewish Community Understands

In the Jewish community, discussions about mental illness and substance abuse tend to be rare, if they happen at all. As a result, many individuals and their families suffer in private and lack the information necessary to address their issues. The Blue Dove Foundation is working toward advancing these conversations, eradicating shame and educating the community.

(Mishnah Sanhadren 4:5)


Raising awareness through outreach is the first step in educating people about health-related issues like mental illness and addiction. We offer a variety of resources for groups and individuals:

Mental Health Tool Kit

Just as CPR helps you assist an individual having a heart attack, the Mental Health Toolkit and training helps you assist someone experiencing a mental illness or substance abuse-related crisis. The Toolkit is meant to be a first line of defense – not necessarily to resolve a problem, but rather to help identify an issue and refer the individual to an appropriate professional.

Zero Interest Loans

Not everyone who needs treatment can afford it. We are working toward overcoming financial barriers that limit access to treatment programs. Working with our partners, we offer interest-free loans to Jewish Community members who are able to demonstrate a legitimate need and ability to repay the loan. Priority will be given to applicants who are unable to obtain funds through normal lending sources. One of the highest forms of tzedakah is an interest free loan.


Using Jewish spirituality and faith as a guide, the Blue Dove Foundation creates educational tools and resources that can be used by individuals. This includes a High Holiday Toolkit and resources for different Jewish holidays. Check out the resources tab to learn more.

Educational Speaker Series

Throughout the year, the Blue Dove Foundation co-hosts programs with community partners on a topic that is relevant and timely. These events are developed for the community and by community members and organizations. We always welcome feedback to help us best provide education, share resources and build relationships.

News & Articles

We write stories & curate news from around the world to inform our community about mental health & substance abuse issues.


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