ADL Kulanu: Synagogues in Action Against Antisemitism

ADL recorded 2,717 antisemitic incidents in 2021—a 34% increase from the 2,026
incidents tabulated in 2020 and the highest number on record since ADL began
tracking antisemitic incidents in 1979. Overall, a larger proportion of antisemitic
incidents targeted Jewish institutions, such as synagogues, Jewish community
centers and Jewish schools. Discussing these disturbing trends with children and
young people can be challenging, but these conversations are necessary. As a
Kulanu synagogue, you will have the opportunity to have these conversations
about antisemitism and other forms of bigotry and cultivate the tools to fight them
with young people. 

This resource from ADL’s education experts and the BBYO Center for Adolescent Wellness is intended to enable adults—educators and parents/caregivers—to initiate conversations with young people about antisemitism and other forms of hate, and to safeguard youth mental health while tackling these difficult topics.

You can also learn more about how discrimination impacts your mental health in this article by the Huffpost, featuring the Blue Dove Foundation.

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