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Thank you for your interest in sharing your very personal and important story. The Blue Dove Foundation believes by sharing personal stories, we can show individuals they are not alone and begin to eliminate the shame and stigma many feel when it comes to mental illness and/or addiction.

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We have found that hearing personal stories of struggles and loss directly from those experiencing them rather than from professionals recounting them makes a stronger impact and helps foster new perspectives, personal connections, ideas, and hope. Sharing a personal story about your experience with mental health and/or substance abuse can help in your own recovery as well as provide encouragement and support to others with similar experiences. Telling your story can take several forms:
  • Blog post
  • Drawings
  • Inspirational quotes
  • Photos
  • Prose/poetry
  • Song lyrics
  • Videos
The Blue Dove Foundation will use several different avenues to share your story.  You may see it printed in our #QuietingTheSilence book,  posted on our website, or on our Facebook or Instagram pages for our virtual communities to see.
Story Criteria

  • 1,500-word maximum recommendation.
  • It is your choice to include actual names and locations. Feel free to replace names, locations and details that can make it easy to identify those in your story.
  • The story can include a Jewish connection, or not, that is up to you.
  • Include a working title.
  • Include a short bio.  Click for example.
Story Examples
Stuck getting started?  Here are some prompts to consider.
  • What has helped? What hasn’t?
  • Who has impacted you?
  • Do you have a special coping technique?
  • How has your community supported you?
  • What has been most discouraging about your condition?
  • What has given you hope?
  • How was your faith been a part of your recovery?
Additional information
  • You will be asked to sign a content release with your final submission.
  • Your story may be shared in several different ways.
  • Your story may be edited for grammar and spelling, but not content. You will see a final version.