Resource Category: Purim

Purim is a holiday about masks, but what many fail to realize is that the masks are only there to encourage us to look behind them. We all wear masks every day, and the holiday of Purim encourages us to look past them and reveal our true selves to the world. We hope these Purim activities and resources, designed to help you connect with and nurture your truest self, will let you do that!

  • Learn how to look behind your own mask and nurture your truest self, with our self-care and self-reflection Purim resources!
  • Who you surround yourself with is a crucial factor in cultivating mental wellness, and within communities big and small, it can be hard to determine who is a friend or foe. Learn how!

When we enter the month of Adar, we increase in joy.
– Talmud, Taanit 29a