Resource Category: Passover

Passover is a time to focus on our collective story, but it can also be a time for us to explore our own. On Passover, we remember our freedom from the physical bondage of Egypt, but without acknowledging the mental bondage many of us are still trapped in we will never truly be free. That is why we built these resources, to help individuals utilize the themes and motifs of Passover traditions to examine their internal stories of slavery and experience an Exodus like no other.

“The Exodus from Egypt Occurs in Every Human Being, in Every Era, in Every Year, and in Every Day.” – Rabbi Nachman

Blue Dove Passover activities and resources are available on Haggadot.com to help you bring mental health into your personal Passover experience!   Haggadot.com offers easy-to-use templates and ready-to-print booklets that are perfect for your seder.

This holiday really is not about fearing bread or elimination. It’s remembering where I have come and where I am going.
Reciting the Passover story reminds us not only of a transcendent moment in the history of the Jews, but of transformative times of misery and suffering ‐ and emergence and deliverance ‐ in our own lives. Reflecting on those moments in light of the great themes and symbols of this festival provides a wonderful opportunity to achieve understanding and healing.