Resource Category: Passover

Passover is a time to focus on our collective story, but it can also be a time for us to explore our own. On Passover, we remember our freedom from the physical bondage of Egypt, but without acknowledging the mental bondage many of us are still trapped in we will never truly be free. That is why we built these resources, to help individuals utilize the themes and motifs of Passover traditions to examine their internal stories of slavery and experience an Exodus like no other.

“The Exodus from Egypt Occurs in Every Human Being, in Every Era, in Every Year, and in Every Day.” – Rabbi Nachman

Blue Dove Passover activities and resources are available on Haggadot.com to help you bring mental health into your personal Passover experience!   Haggadot.com offers easy-to-use templates and ready-to-print booklets that are perfect for your seder.

A personal story by Ally sharing per thoughts about Passover and mental health.
Just as the symbols on the Seder plate keep us engaged with the story of Passover, each of us has self-care tools that keep us engaged with our mental health. With this resource, we use the model of the Seder Plate and the symbolic foods to think about our mental health, putting the importance of mental and emotional freedom front and center as we retell the story of our communal freedom.
Reading about these four children, we get to learn more about ourselves and how we can build more holistic, inclusive and affirming Jewish communities. These four archetypes aren’t here to teach us about children; they are here to teach us about our role in passing Judaism and its traditions l’dor va dor (from generation to generation).
When we remember the plagues of Egypt on the Seder night, we are remembering the miraculous things that G-d did for us in Egypt. However, for some of us there are things plaguing our own lives that are far worse, and as much as we spend Passover talking about the plagues of Egypt, we should also talk about the mental health plagues of today.