Slingshot Announces Its Third Annual “10 to Watch” List, the Blue Dove Foundation Included

Slingshot, an organization that engages young Jewish philanthropists to make lasting impact, has announced its 2022 “10 to Watch” list that highlights young organizations and projects in North America that are responding to current and timely needs in the Jewish community and beyond. The Blue Dove Foundation is proud to be included, along with nine other up-and-coming initiatives. 

“10 to Watch” builds on Slingshot’s history of showcasing innovative ideas and investing in positive change. Applicants must represent an organization or a project of an organization that: serves a North American audience, has been actively in the field for a minimum of one year and a maximum of five years and offers a new, fresh idea to address a unique and relevant problem. For the first time, Slingshot did not require applicants to fill out a standard application form, instead inviting applicants to submit something they already had written. The hope was this approach would ease the burden on applicant and make it possible for more organizations and projects to apply. 

As a result, Slingshot received a high number of applications. There were 53 ‘10 to Watch’ applications, which were reviewed by a committee of young, Jewish philanthropists and foundation professionals with a diversity of backgrounds, life experiences, and areas of expertise. Applicants for the 2022 ‘10 to Watch’ list represented a diverse range of identities and hailed from across the country. The Blue Dove Foundation is featured for their work on mental health education, awanress and outreach through a Jewish lens.

The Blue Dove Foundation was created to address mental illness and addiction in the Jewish community and beyond. We work with organizations and communities — both Jewish and interfaith — across the country and around the world.

Over the next several months, Slingshot will feature content on the ‘10 to Watch’ organizations to offer a deeper look into their work. Additionally, Slingshot will be facilitating educational opportunities for young philanthropists to learn about how to fund these initiatives.

Learn about the Blue Dove Foundation and the other featured organizations and projects featured in the 2021 ‘10 to Watch’ list here.


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