Resource Category: Substance Use Disorder and Addiction

Substance use disorders, colloquially called addiction, is a complex disease that affects the functioning of the brain and body. It involves craving something intensely, losing control over its use, and continuing involvement with it despite adverse consequences. Recovery from addiction is very challenging, but it is possible.

VIRTUAL Jewish Recovery Programming held in partnership with JACS, Our Jewish Recovery, and The T’Shuvah Center – These meetings are open to Jews across the country who want to meet and discuss. Meetings take place on different days and at different times.
Our Jewish Recovery exists to support Jews in recovery, and their loved ones, and to help us all find experience, strength, and hope. We welcome Jews dealing with any and all addictions, Jewish educators looking to understand addiction and bring recovery to their communities, and our Jewish and non-Jewish allies who wish to share the journey of recovery with us. We have a thriving Facebook community, a weekly Recovery Torah study, online Jewish recovery meetings, and much more in the works. Contact Rabbi Ilan Glazer for more information at rabbiilan@torahoflife.com and join our online community.
JCS Recovery, an expansion of JACS, is an addiction and recovery support network for Jewish People. We are founded on the principles of Jewish recovery, fellowship, and social work. Our mission is to create a space where Jews in recovery and their loved ones can gain support from each other, and learn new skills based in mindfulness, compassion, and expressive writing. This includes on-going meetings and support groups.