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Given the reality of climate change and its accompanying consequences on our collective mental health, we need to start thinking about how we can make sure our mental health is stable as we try to figure out how to save the world at large.
Much progress has been made in the push for equal rights and inclusion in the LGBTQIA+ community; however, a great deal of work remains to be done. Nearly 75 percent of LGBTQIA+ youth surveyed in a recent study reported having faced discrimination based on their sexual orientation, and 42 percent reported seriously considering suicide in the past year (The Trevor Project)...
By Rabbi Sandra Cohen | How do you rejoice when you can’t rejoice? By accepting your experience and being gentle with yourself. You can use the joy around you to help you be kind to yourself. Allow for the possibility that you may eventually feel better, just not today. And that, my friends, will let joy in. Forgive yourself. After all you, have done nothing wrong.