What it’s Like Working with the Blue Dove Foundation, A Statement from Georgia Tech’s Adela, Arjun, Ethan, Marguerite

Many more people suffer from mental health-related experiences than anyone can imagine. These experiences can be just as intense as any other physical health crises, yet they are often overlooked. More often than not, people are unable or unwilling to catch the symptoms of mental health crises in others and in themselves because of the stigma ingrained in our world regarding the topic; however, organizations like The Blue Dove Foundation are working so hard to make sure that the education of and support for mental health-related experiences are available to our communities.

We are a college-consulting group at Consult Your Community of Georgia Tech, and after working with The Blue Dove Foundation this year, we have felt firsthand the dedication and love that The Blue Dove has for their work and their community. Mental health can be a hard topic to discuss, but our consulting group comes from a diverse background, and we understand deeply just how valuable it can be to feel supported by the people who share our identities and experiences. That is why The Blue Dove Foundation’s emphasis on healing the Jewish community through a connection with faith can be so impactful. Their work helps people realize that when they face such obstacles—whether it be mental health or substance abuse crises—they should never be ashamed; rather, they should be understood, supported, and embraced.

It was precisely because of the impact we can see The Blue Dove Foundation having on their community that we chose to work with them, and we have had a wonderful experience. For our team members, mental health crises are something we personally see or experience. Having a resource and a community that educates and supports you can be an important first step in healing. To that end, we believe that The Blue Dove Foundation is doing a great job creating and supporting such a community of people.

Consult Your Community, Georgia Tech Adela, Arjun, Ethan, Marguerite

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