Hanukkah Mental Health Lighting Rituals

Check out this list of strategies you can incorporate into your candle lighting routine to make the lighting ritual one of wellness and comfort.

1: As you light your candles, consider practicing a breathing exercise. Calming and regulating your mind and body is a skill that takes practice and muscle memory to be effective, and Hanukkah provides you with eight days to try and stretch that muscle. If you only try to relax and rest when you are agitated or exhausted, it won’t be as effective.

2: Turn one night of Hanukkah into “Pajamakkah.” Before lighting the menorah, start your bedtime routine. Wash up, brush your teeth and get into your comfiest PJs. Then, sit down by the candles or curl up in bed with a favorite book, a podcast or some music, knowing your day is complete.

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