Mental Health Mi Sheberach Prayers

We believe Jewish prayers and rituals can help to strengthen our mental well-being, resilience and recovery in the same way middot, or Jewish values, can promote them. Faith is an important part of healing for many, and Jewish thinkers and leaders historically have brought the two together.

When someone is ill or recovering from illness or an accident, we often recite a mi sheberach to wish them a refuah sheleimah, or a “full recovery.” We have expanded this prayer for those who are struggling with mental health in different variations of mi sheberachs.

In creating our own versions of a traditional Jewish prayer for healing, we can engage with Jewish text in a way that is personal, meaningful and impactful in our lives. We encourage you to explore what a mi sheberach might look like for you, your loved ones and your community.  

If you offer your own version of a mi sheberach or another prayer for healing and are open to sharing it as a communal resource, please email a copy to info@thebluedovefoundation.org

Sharing is Caring: