Covid-19 Mi Sheberachs

COVID-19 has affected just about everyone in some way or another. Whether due to isolation, the fear that we or a loved one will contract the virus, the loss of a loved one, or the constant struggle to adjust to an entirely virtual lifestyle, it has truly taken a toll on all of us and left an impact that will never be forgotten. The pandemic might not have caused all of the mental health challenges our communities are confronting right now, but it exacerbated it for a large number of us. At the same time, it raised awareness of mental illness to a new level. So many people of all ages, especially our youth, have started speaking up about the issues. Perhaps we can say that’s one silver lining of this terrible time. Each time we open up and talk, we move a step closer toward quieting the silence and eliminating the stigma around mental health.

These are for anyone who is feeling the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, no matter how big or small.

For Those Mourning the Loss of 2020
by Bess, Daniel & Sam

May this prayer be a source of comfort…

for those who didn’t get to stand next to their best friend at their wedding,

for those who missed their grandchildren’s first steps,

for those who could only mourn a loved one on Zoom,

for those whose once-in-a-lifetime trips were cancelled,

for those who didn’t get to attend prom or graduation,

for those whose jobs shifted for the good or bad or who didn’t get a job at all,

for those whose professional development experiences were left incomplete,

may they find hope in the promise of a brighter future.

May they find peace in the knowledge that they aren’t alone.

And May they find the strength and the will to move forward.


For Those Affected by the Pandemic
by Howard

For all those who struggle with stress and anguish,

for all those who have loved ones or friends, or who are personally, dealing with COVID,

for those dealing with the loss of jobs as well as loved ones,

for those who feel helpless and lost trying to deal with each new day,

G-d, may you quiet my mind and thoughts toward mental wellness and more focus in my life.   

I pray for peace, calmness, and serenity for myself, my family, and the whole community.   


For Increased Anxiety from the Pandemic
by Ryan & Carly

To the people who are experiencing anxiety during the pandemic, know you are not alone. 

We pray for you and for everyone feeling anxious during the pandemic. 

It will be over soon. 

Do not be afraid to reach out or get support from the loved ones around you. 

We pray for a fast recovery from the pandemic and for the constant stress around us to fade away.


For Those Experiencing Pandemic Stress
by Annie & Benjy

To all of the people currently feeling stress during these times:

May you see the light at the end of the tunnel; these feelings won’t be forever.

May you always know there will be people around you who want to help.

May you realize all people experience these same feelings; you are not alone. 

May you find activities and hobbies to keep yourself occupied and not worried about the stress.

Do not be afraid to reach out; we are here for you.


For Increased Depression from the Pandemic
by Sophia & Molly Claire

May you find the strength to try your best every day. 

May you remember each day is a new start and celebrate all victories no matter the size. 

For together we will persevere and beat all our struggles.


For Those Feeling Pandemic Loneliness
by Aidan & Hannah

Loneliness while stuck behind yet another screen,

we pray for all those who are alone,

that they will soon find a sense of community.

We will all be back together again soon.


For Those Who Are Depressed and Socially Distant
by Anonymous

May G-d give you the strength to be happy.

May you wake up in the morning healthier and excited.  

May we have a better way to connect every day with a master Zoom party and socialization of mankind.  

May G-d grant everyone a way to connect externally and outwardly to better each day.


For People Struggling with Isolation
by Anonymous

May you know you are never alone; you are always loved. 

May you find the strength to reach out for help when you need it and find the courage to keep on going, no matter how hard it gets.

לשנה הבאה בירושלים


For Those Who Are Recovering from Illness or Experiencing Grief in Isolation
by Debbie & Marcia 

May the One who blessed our ancestors, when people could hug and families could support their loved ones in person, grant those who are navigating loss and heartbreak, or recovering alone, the ability to feel love through virtual energies. 

May they find comfort in the deep bonds that connect them to their loved ones even through illness. Help them find the strength to forge ahead knowing the isolation will someday be over. 

Bless the caregivers who serve as surrogate loved ones with the confidence to know they are making a difference with their love and helping hands.


For the New Normal
by Gabriel & Marcia

Our hope is that we will be able to gather together, coming back to what will become the “new normal,” and engage together in person. 

Let us use the knowledge and experience we have gained from this past year as we move forward, so we can become better individuals and help our communities use their new tools of growth for good.


For Those Struggling with Isolation
by Abby & Michelle 

May you understand you are not alone. 

May you surround yourself with love and light.

May you find peace and comfort each day, even in a small way. 

May you cultivate connection however you can. 

May you feel the love of those who care most. 

May you remember this state is only temporary, and your feelings are valid every day. 

May you believe in yourself and persevere during this time. 


For This Time of High Anxiety
by Anonymous

May we have the curiosity and patience to meet people where they are with their individual levels of uncertainty in our world.

May we recognize that everyone has different coping mechanisms and hidden challenges that cause them to react as they do.

May the healing process be inclusive of both body and soul.

May we take the time to listen objectively, as if we are the only set of ears that allows someone to be heard.

May we have the ability to pause and breathe in the spirit of better times ahead.


by Wendy & Dru

May those who feel the darkness find light. 

For all we have lost and seen, may we be gentle and forgiving, growing in strength and resilience. 

May we remember the blessings that feel far from the reality of where we are now. 

May we be open to listening with an open heart to the grief and grant permission to ourselves to be still and trusting the path that will come. 

Blessings to those who stand in silence, not sharing their pain, and those who are visibly in agony.


For the Corona Virus
by Mitchell & Shayna 

May the Holy Blessed One recognize and support those who have lost loved ones. 

Help us to grieve the events, education, and freedoms that have been lost. 

Heal the mental health problems that have arisen from being in quarantine and being alone. 

Connect those who are alone and allow them to create a community. 

Allow us to remind people their feelings are valid, and these times are unprecedented.

Allow us to put our lives in perspective and be grateful.

These mi sheberachs were written by individuals in their own voices and based on their own experiences. This prayer may not directly reflect your personal experience with mental health or the particular topic this prayer focuses on. If you are interested in writing a mi sheberach, please share it with us so we can highlight your voice.


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