How Can the Blue Dove Foundation Help?

The Blue Dove Foundation was created to help address the issues of mental illness and addiction in the Jewish community and beyond. We work with individuals and organizations across the United States and around the world. Each of us at Blue Dove has been personally touched by these challenges, and we are dedicated to helping our communities learn, teach, speak, think, and act on these life challenges in ways that decrease stigma and increase understanding.

As we continue to educate, equip, and ignite our Jewish community with tools to understand, support, and overcome the challenges presented by mental illness and substance use disorder, we are finding many ways to fill in the mental health education gaps in the Jewish community. We have created several resources connecting Judaism and Jewish Holidays to mental health and substance use disorders, and we have workshops that help people learn and grow in their awareness.

Resources you can find on our website include:

  • Every Life Counts: Short, accessible information to answer questions about suicide, including how to talk with children about it, how to help a family member who is struggling, Jewish practices during burial and grief, and prayers and rituals for survivors of suicide.
  • Personal stories
    • Our #QuietingTheSilence book that shares personal stories of struggles and loss.
  • Resources and Jewish Mental Wellness Toolkit
    • Our Resource Library and Jewish Mental Wellness Toolkit offers hope and support to inspire learning and reduce stigma.
  • Prayers for Healing
    • Mi Sheberach for Mental Health: A collection of prayers for healing.
  • Workshops and events for communities across the United States and in other countries relating to mental health and Jewish values and ritual.

Sharing is Caring: