The Power of Art: Exploring the Positive Effect of Art on our Mental Health

Join us next Monday , 8/7, on Instagram LIVE for a conversation with Arielle Zorger, mother of two and full-time artist and maker, as we talk about creativity, art, and the incredible impact they have on our mental health!
Check out her work at https://ariellezorgerdesigns.com/, and use discount code “BLUEDOVE10” for 10% OFF her shop!
Arielle Zorger is a mom of two and a full-time artist and maker. She has followed her passion for creating original, hand-painted, happy art in the hopes of bringing color and joy to modern Jewish homes since 2019. What initially started off as a mental health “hobby/therapy” quickly turned into a Jewish lifestyle brand. Arielle loves designing unique, modern, and colorful holiday pieces that will brighten up any celebration.

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