Stories to Share to “Quiet the Silence” and Raise Awareness for Suicide Prevention

Her sister died of a drug overdose and it spurred her to “Quiet the Silence” in her personal and professional life: Her Hidden Struggle

“We have grown our souls through this journey” A mother faces her daughter’s addiction: I didn’t cause it, I can’t control it, I can’t cure it

“You’re not broken, you’re whole–and you just need help to feel that way.” One woman’s story of hitting rock bottom and reaching out for support: Repairing My Personal World

A new diagnosis explained his depression—and changed the course of his career: My Emotional Rollercoaster

No one was allowed to know he struggled with depression and anxiety—until she lost him to suicide: His Secrets

A rabbi whose brother took his own life challenges us to support those in a mental health crisis the same way we do with those battling cancer: Lessons from Loss

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