The Nature of Change: A Guided Meditation for Tashlich

The Tashlich ritual is an expression of repentance, acceptance and forgiveness for how we mistreated others. But we must also forgive ourselves for the ways we mistreated ourselves, releasing those misdeeds and letting them flow down the river.

In the natural world, it is easy to see the cycles that flow through our world. The sun rises and sets. The seasons change. Plants grow, die, and are reborn, and as rivers flow, they return to the sea. But in the modern world, we don’t always have that luxury. We can miss the cycles around us with the busyness of our lives. We can miss the beauty of nature. We can miss change.

Change is a natural part of life. Animals experience the rains of April and the flowers of May. They experience the heat of summer and the chill of winter. Change isn’t meant to be feared or avoided, just accepted.

Listen to our guided meditation to elevate your Tashlich experience, and bring a sense of acceptance into the High Holiday season.

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