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College Student Mental Health Survey

The past several months have posed several challenges as we have had to learn to adapt to life under the COVID-19 pandemic. For many, this has caused a significant strain on our mental health – whether it be the lack of face-to-face interactions, a lack of motivation, fear for our health and the health of our loved ones, etc.

College students are especially vulnerable right now, as they have to learn how to take responsibility for their own health, manage online classes, maintain a healthy social life, and even deal with the pressure of finding jobs and internships in an entirely remote time.

The responses shared in this survey will provide the Blue Dove Foundation with a better understanding of the toll COVID-19 has taken on mental health so we can create resources to guide college students through this difficult time.


Thank you for your time and vulnerability.

Maddie and Lillian, Blue Dove Foundation interns

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