Get Ready for Tisha B’av – 2022

How are you preparing for Tisha B’av, 2022?

The holiday’s major focus is the loss of the Temple in Jerusalem, but the ways in which we mourn on Tisha B’av shed so much light on how we can mourn more generally, and how we can connect to others who are in mourning in a way that is loving and mentally healthy. Bring mental health into your Tisha B’av experience with some of our resources!

Rebuilding Each Other (Resource): We can get lost easily in the sorrow of the memories of sorrow and fail to see the mental health benefits that lie beneath the poems and practices that have been established to commemorate this admittedly depressing day. Use this resource to learn how to connect with people who you know need your support. READ MORE

Good Mourning on Tisha B’av (Article): On Tisha B’av, Jewish communities across the globe remember and lament the destruction of the first and second Temples in Jerusalem through a series of mourning practices. These practices, while somber, serve as a reminder that mourning and grief are natural parts of human life. It is important, however, to realize there are different ways to mourn, and some are healthier for your mental wellness than others. Tisha B’av offers some great examples of healthy, productive mourning practices. READ MORE

Let’s Build a Temple of Love and Inclusion (Article): “I still have no desire to resume sacrifices in a rebuilt third Temple. And yet, on Tisha B’Av and the minor fasts, I fast. I mourn. It was genius of the rabbis to create liturgical space in which to be sad. A time to pause and note that the world is imperfect, and I, as an individual, am also lacking. There is no one who does not have loss.” READ MORE

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