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It is true that people aren’t always ready to accept help, even when they desperately need it, but that doesn’t mean we need to wait until they hit rock bottom before accepting or seeking help. We can and should intervene before our friends get to that point. But we need to understand how to do it most effectively and sensitively.
Person helping another person up.
Innerbody seeks to provide objective, science-based information and advice that helps you make health-related decisions and enjoy a healthier, happier lifestyle, and has compiled some facts about rates of suicide in different populations, risk factors for suicidal actions, and information on warning signs and resources to help you. 
From the Jewish Education Project | The third session of the Through the Portal series, presented by the Blue Dove Foundation's Director of Education and Programming, Carly Coons. In this session, we will familiarize ourselves with the resource library, learn the tips to navigate it, and think about the ways to utilize the all of the meaningful resources connecting mental health and Judaism in your own spaces. The resource library includes articles, downloadable activity sheets, videos and podcasts, and more about Jewish holidays and concepts in your own spaces, and the ways Judaism addresses mental illness. Through the Portal is a new series of presentations by the Portal's Resource Partners. These presentations will guide users on how to best navigate and utilize our partners' materials.
By Max Hollander | On Hanukkah, as you light the candles on the hanukkiah, be sure to look inward at the light shining inside of you, and take steps to ensure your inner flame is happy, healthy and bright.
Mother and child in front of Hanukkah candles.