#QuietingTheSilence: Personal Stories Book

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A book for the community, by the community.







Purchasing Books

Books are available on Amazon.

For bulk orders, email us at info@thebluedovefoundation.org.

Book Events

We would be honored to create an in-person book event with you for your community/network/congregation. Reach out to us at info@thebluedovefoundation.org and we can work to create something unique for you, which could include individuals from the book sharing their personal stories.

Book Clubs

This book is a powerful book to use for a book club. The incredibly personal and deep conversations that will take place will bring the group closer together and create personal connections.

View our Book Club Guide – COMING SOON

About The Book

This book is real and raw. Some of the stories will touch you personally or may remind you of someone you know who has gone through a similar experience. The book consists of 18 personal stories come from individuals with a Jewish background who have gone through a life-changing experience, either personally or through a loved one. By sharing stories, we hope to show individuals they are not alone and to begin to eliminate the shame and stigma many feel when it comes to mental illness and addiction.

We have found that hearing personal stories of struggles and loss directly from those experiencing them rather than from professionals recounting them makes a stronger impact and helps foster new perspectives, personal connections, ideas, and hope. 

What is #QuietingTheSilence?

The Blue Dove Foundation created #QuietingTheSilence as a platform for individuals and organizations to use to create programs and events focusing on mental health and drug or alcohol use. It offers a chance for members of the community to come together to share stories and perspectives related to their personal journeys around mental illness and/or addiction. 

If you’re interested in hosting a #QuietingTheSilence event in your community, email us with questions at info@thebluedovefoundation.org

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