I’ve been a senior at UMD for 25 years. Here’s what I’ve learned.

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This story speaks to the truth and honesty of #QuietingTheSilence and sharing personal stories to raise awareness of mental illness and eradicate shame and stigma.

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  • Michael Scheinberg

    Thank you so much for sharing my story here. A bit of an update: Passed my first semester back with a 4.0 GPA — the first time I’ve ever had one of those. I’m continuing my studies this summer and am on track to getting my B.S. in psychology in July!

    The experience of writing this piece and seeing so many who have reached out to support me, to show compassion, and to relate their own similar stories has emphasized that we are stronger when we have an open and honest conversation about mental health without judgment or stigma. Thank you to The Blue Dove Foundation for making this a reality among our Jewish communities.

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