L’shanah tovah tikateivu v’teichateimu

There is no doubt that 5781 will look drastically different this year. While we are not celebrating together physically, we hope by sharing these resources, we can help bring the global Jewish community together in spirit if not in person.

A conversation on mental health can bring forth powerful connections with the potential to save someone’s life. To help start people talking, we created these for individuals to reflect upon and improve their own mental health as well as to contribute to the mental wellness of the Jewish Community as we look forward to a sweet new year.

High Holiday Guide for Organization Leadership

This is a resource that can be used by organization leadership (clergy, staff, lay leaders) to help bring mental health into High Holiday remarks this year.

“Last year, while wearing a Blue Dove kippah at our Jewish High Holidays services, I spoke about the Blue Dove Foundation and discussed mental health, suicide and addiction for the first time in front of my congregation. Many people came up to me at the end of services; it was the first time in 23 years that people shared with me their mental health and addiction stories as well as speaking about the overdose deaths of children and family members. I’m glad I shared the resources and that I used the mi sheberach prayer for those in recovery.”

– Rabbi Larry Schuval, South Florida


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2 for Seder: In the Sukkah

2forSeder: In the Sukkah – Safely Fight Anti-Semitism from Home
2 for Seder: In the Sukkah focuses on the traditional values associated with the Jewish holiday Sukkot, encouraging hospitality, transition, and gratefulness. Simply set up a Sukkah (or your version of the Sukkah) and invite 2 friends of another faith to share a COVID-safe meal.  Start a dialogue!

Synagogue Connect – a truly global network of synagogues that have opened their doors to warmly welcome Jewish young adults 18-30 for High Holyday services with absolutely no requirement of membership affiliation. Think of Synagogue Connect as your Global Passport into the synagogue of your choice.