Add Your Light to Our Collective Menorah

Tradition teaches us the ancient Temple stood at the highest peak in Jerusalem, allowing the menorah to bathe the holy city in its light. As such, the miraculous oil of Hanukkah not only kept the flames of the menorah lit; it also brightened up the city. Today, we don’t have the Temple or menorah to light up our cities, but we do have organizations such as the Blue Dove Foundation to shed light on the prevalent issues of our day like mental health and wellness in Jewish communities across the globe. 

Please consider adding your own oil to that light and contribute to our end-of-year campaign. Now through the end of Hanukkah, we are asking for donations as little as $8. To show our appreciation, we are offering contributors our downloadable Hanukkah blessings card, which you can use to incorporate mental wellness into your holiday rituals.

A Little Bit of Light Dispels a Lot of Darkness – Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi