Executive Team

Justin Milrad
President & Co-Founder

Justin is a hands-on visionary leader who believes that we each have a responsibility to make the world a better place through tikkun olam. Justin is the CEO of the Berman Center, a mental health and substance abuse intensive outpatient program. Driven by his passion for the Jewish community, Justin is on several Jewish non-profit boards and is involved in the National Young Leadership Program at Jewish Federation. He is member of the Wexner Heritage Program. Justin is personally affected by loss and substance abuse.


Gabby Spatt
Founding Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer

Gabby is a dynamic “do-er” who is the driver of the Foundation’s efforts, including our #QuietingTheSilence book and establishing partnerships with other organizations working to address mental health and substance abuse in the Jewish community and beyond. She excels at connecting people with shared interests to work for the greater good. Gabby is personally affected by loss and substance abuse.


Lisa Ziv
Chief Executive Officer

Lisa is an innovator, educator and thought leader on the intersection of faith, family and Judaism’s connection to mental health. She is passionate about building more supportive schools and communities. Her reflections on mental health have been published by eJewish Philanthropy, Prizmah Center and the Times of Israel. She has an MBA with experience in healthcare finance and strategic planning. She is an advisor to NAMI FaithNet and manages an online support group of 27,000 parents of children with anxiety and depression. Lisa is personally affected by depression, anxiety and suicide risk.

Professional Staff

  • Jamie Glazerman, LCP, Education & Training
  • Max Hollander, Digital Media & Marketing
  • Shoshana Nirenberg, LMSW, Education & Training
  • Sheri Panovka, Communications
  • Devin Shmueli, Master’s in Jewish Chaplaincy, Education & Training
  • High School and College Interns

Board of Directors

Justin Milrad
Co-President & Co-Founder

Personally affected by mental health & suicide awareness

Day Job: CEO, the Berman Center


Jennifer Greenberg
Co-President & Marketing

Personally affected by suicide

Day Job: Senior Marketing Manager, Floor & Decor


Adam Kaye

Personally affected by substance abuse overdoses

Day Job: Attorney


Eileen Price

Sees issues in counselors and campers; Jewish community advocate for multiple causes

Day Job: Founder & CEO, In the City Camps


Shaun Weinstock

Personally affected by suicide; Suicide awareness advocate

Day Job: Principal, Real Estate Brokerage


Lisa Ziv
Strategy & Fundraising

Personally affected by youth mental health

Day Job: CEO, The Blue Dove Foundation